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"Threpsi" has its beginnings in the region of Messenia in Peloponnese, southern Greece. There, our great grandparents cultivated the land over a century ago.

Our mission is to spread the secret of the priceless rewards, which quality extra virgin olive oil has to offer.  

Threpsi = Nutrition, Nourishment

In the Greek language, “Threpsi” means “nutrition” and thus embodies the high nutritional properties in Threpsi products.


The 2 olive trees on the mountain symbolize Dimitra and Dionisis 2 daughters - Virginia (5 years old) and Kalliopi (3 years old), which reflect beauty, youth and creativity.


"On top of the mountain" represents history, tradition and top quality. Earth colors stand for the value of our nature.




“Mediterranean Threpsi”

D. Evangelatos & Co. EE

Trade of Food & Beverages.  


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For the past 20 years Dionisis Evangelatos has worked for one of the biggest multinational manufacturing companies  in Greece.





In the Greek language, “Threpsi” means “nutrition” and thus embodies the high nutritional properties in Threpsi products.


Know How

The KORONEIKI variety – known as the finest of all, endowed with exceptional aroma and taste.

For 4 generations we leave our trees as the nature created it.





Olive oil has always been an integral part of the Mediterranean Diet.


Ancient beauties and warriors alike used olive oil to tame and beautify their looks.


Olive oil is an excellent fit to almost any dish. Raw on salads and vegetables...


To ensure you are getting the maximum health benefits from your Olive Oil....


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There is a reason why Homer called it "liquid gold." Its mystical glow illuminated history. Olive oil has been more than mere food to the peoples of the Mediterranean: it has been medicinal, magical, an endless source of fascination and wonder and the fountain of great wealth and power.